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Manga/goods/dôjinshi for sell and trade ^^ [entries|friends|calendar]
Selling stuff

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READ FIRST [14 Nov 2010|10:06pm]
Payment :
Internationally, I accept only Paypal.
Indicated prices are without shipping.
Pay attention that all the prices are in euros.

Shippping :
You pay it so you can chose if you prefer registered or not-registered, airmail or not, etc...
I happen to live in France, so shipping will be cheaper in Europe than anywhere else, for once ^-^
Of course, you'll save on shipping if you purchase more than one article at a time.

Trades :
I'm open to trades, so if you want to trade and have a journal like this one, just drop me a line ^^ I might find something I like !
Things I'm looking for especially :
- Tezuka x Oishi (or Oishi x Tezuka) dôjinshi I don't have
- some Eyeshield 21-related thingies (dôjinshi, goodies, ...) *Takami x Sakuraba dôjinshi being my top-priority*
- the original Japanese Jump where were published Genius 146, 147, 248 and 250 from Prince of Tennis and 91st and 92nd down from Eyeshield 21 (I can always hope !!)
- Wild Adapter/Shiritsu Araiso Kôtô Gakkô Seitokai Shikkôbu items
- Shanimuni Go items

I'm deleting comments when the transaction is finished.
If you have any question, feel free to e-mail me at flore.guntzer [at] gmail.com

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FEEDBACK [14 Nov 2010|10:04pm]
This is where you can live me feedback if you feel like it ^-^
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Manga & artbooks [16 Nov 2005|02:45pm]
Manga & artbooksCollapse )
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Dôjinshi [15 Nov 2005|11:34pm]
Dôjinshi, listed by fandomCollapse )
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